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Twin Suns Foundation: Hyper Reads Drive 2017

The Twin Suns Foundation has announced its second major fundraiser for 2017 - and it's for an amazing cause! So good, TSF and the 501st are teaming up on this one. The Hyper Reads Drive 2017 will collect funds to purchase Legends books for donation to the Children's Hospital of Orange County, California. Please consider supporting them however you can.

Details from TSF are below:

Did you know Twin Suns Foundation is teaming up with the 501st Southern California Garrison to bring books to Children's Hospital of Orange County?

That's right, we're calling it our Hyper Reads Drive 2017!

Starting August 1st through October 1st, Twin Suns Foundation will be collecting funds donated by Star Wars fans across the world. These funds will be put towards purchasing as many Star Wars Legends books as possible when the fundraiser finishes up.

The books will then be shipped to Southern California where Twin Suns Foundation team members and members from the 501 Southern California Garrison will "escort" the books to their new owners at Children's Hospital of Orange County.

None of this happens without your help! Please check out our donation page for more details on how you can do that either by donating money or simply by spreading the word.

Let's give these kids something to be excited about in October!

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