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Smuggler’s Route: Your Path to Expanded Universe Merchandise from the Unknown Regions of Space (Part

I’ve found a wonderful assortment of items for the Expanded Universe fan in your life. Wolf Pack - 104th Battalion Items:

If you recall a few weeks back in another Smuggler’s Route article, I highlighted a Wolfpack Necklace. One of the contributors on, DesignInkz, has a distressed, vintage designed wolfpack logo available on a variety of products. T-shirts, Mugs, notebooks, bumper sticks, pillows, and tote bags, and all in a variety of colors, of course, nothing beats classic black. Mara Jade - Hand of the Emperor T-Shirt

I enjoy Parody / Mash-up shirts. Putting two things that you think wouldn’t go together but somehow do. Much like the First Kiss, Charlie Brown Star Wars Mash-up shirt highlighted in my first article. May I present a Game of Thrones and Star Wars Expanded Universe Mash-up with Mara Jade as the Hand of the Emperor, Designed by DiHA, yet again. I don't even watch Game of Thrones, but I had to get this shirt, I thought the design so clever; Mara, sitting in the Emperor's throne, imitating the position of the famous first posters of Game of Thrones. Thrawn T-shirt - Tattoo style

Also by DiHA, we have this So Artistically Done Thrawn shirt, featuring one of his most famous lines. I'm sure we all echo his sentiments that the Original Expanded Universe, was indeed so artistically done. Now it is time where I have a request for you. I am sad to report that the Mara Jade Nouveau Shirt I highlighted in my first Smuggler’s Route Article has gone out of print. It seems that the company has changed hands and as I predicted, that beautiful Mara Jade Shirt has disappeared. To me this . . . changes nothing. We still can contact the NEW company and ask for The Mara Jade Nouveau Shirt back, they still own the design. The New Company’s Contact information: Contact Us CUSTOMER SERVICE 213-235-4710 Monday - Friday 9am-5:00pm PST Saturday & Sunday CLOSED Also, this offers us another opportunity, this company is For Fans by Fans. They have an Artist program and Fan Forge Contests run by Cassandra Steensrud and Roxanne Montgomery. Their Contact is:

“I’m not asking if it’ll be easy,” Luke said . . . “Just if it would be possible.” Star Wars: Heir to the Empire, Zahn, Timothy (p. 188)

If you are graphically or artistically inclined, or know some one who is, please, I would request that you submit something from the Expanded Universe. “Positive and Proactive”, remember? What can be done? It may not get approved, but what if it is? Then thousands of us can flock to it and show that #WeBuyLegends. We need to continue to find new avenues to express our fandom, and if necessary, create them. Please, also consider, where "Each purchase supports an independent artist", as quoted from their website; you can create an account and upload and sell your artwork on Shirts, on Mugs, tote bags, etc. There are countless of franchises being highlighted or parodied with original Art work. We can do that on other sites like: If you have found any Expanded Universe Merchandise or if you follow the recommendation above and make any Expanded Universe Merchandise, Tell us about it in the comments, and we may share it here on Smuggler's Route.

NOTE: I will recommend that if you do buy anything on this Holiday Season, to be sure to support the Twin Suns Foundation through Amazon Smile. May The Force Be With You Your Friendly Neighborhood Mara Fan Debbie

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