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2018 EU Wish List

Hey Folks! Just thought I'd do a little post to tell you a few things I recently put on my "Wish List" at Amazon and think you might want to do the same!

Oh mylanta! The complete newspaper strip run in their ORIGINAL format and fully restored! You bet I want these! So far only the first one has come out but the other 2 are out later this year and I look forward to getting them as well. You'll hear my thoughts on these newstrips in the coming months on my YouTube channel.

All those hard to find UK comics PLUS the Ewoks Annual 2 I spoke about on the channel all in one beautiful hardback cover?! Heck yes I want this! A little expensive at the moment, but my birthday's up in May and hopefully the Mrs will feel giving enough to get it for me.

There's some awesome stuff for comics right now folks, just wanted to make sure you didn't miss out! NOTE: I will recommend that if you do buy these titles through Amazon, please be sure to support the Twin Suns Foundation through Amazon Smile.

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