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Hamill confirms: Lucas intended Leia to become Jedi

Mark Hamill confirms what Expanded Universe fans already knew - George Lucas intended for future Skywalker storylines to show Leia as a Jedi, according to an article by IGN:

Though the Legends storyline has yet to precisely reveal when and how Luke dies, we do know that he played a hand in training Leia, who became a fully fledged Jedi around 36+ years after the Battle of Yavin, around the Dark Nest Crisis.

Everything Hamill confirms about how Lucas conceived of Luke and Leia's future roles fits into the continuity of the overall Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Again, not much of a surprise. But we still hope to see more of Luke and Leia in future Legends stories. While this news isn't news to EU fans, it keeps us inspired.

Jedi apprentice Leia circa the Swarm War

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