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Character spotlight: Theron Shan

Theron Shan was a human male who was a part of the Shan family. A descendant of the Jedi Revan and Bastila Shan, the secret son of Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan and Supreme Commander Jace Malcom, Theron was raised by Satele’s former teacher, Ngani Zho in secret so she could continue serving as a Jedi. Zho raised the boy as a potential Jedi but realized that Theron was quite simply not Force-Sensitive.

After Theron was no longer allowed to train to become a Jedi, he joined the Republic Strategic Information Service. It was here that he received his cybernetic implants and became a top agent by the later years of the Cold War. It was also around this time that Theron apprehended a femle twi’lek criminal named Teff’ith. Theron demanded to know what information she may have on the Sith Empire but the twi’lek said nothing. However, Theron would take the twi’lek with him when his old master Zho was needed to be found.

Theron found Zho on the planet Taris where the Jedi told the spy about his fight with the Sith scientist Darth Mekhis. It was here that they would be attacked by Mekhis’ Sith Knights, however they were able to escape thanks to Teff’ith. At Zho’s insistence, they began to search the Vesla System were the Sith were using the Sun Razer to construct super weapons. When they arrived, they were quickly captured by Imperials, but Theron was able to use his cranial implants to break free of their prison and to kill Mekhis, however, Zho unfortunately passed away while trying to buy time for he and Teff’ith to escape.

In 3640 BBY, during the Galactic War, Theron went to Nar Shaddaa to talk to Morbo the Hutt who killed Teff’ith and her crew for violating spice smuggling terms. Theron was able to arrive in time to aid Teff’ith in defending herself against the thugs Morbo sent.

Theron would then be assigned to destroy the Ascendant Spear, the last Mekhis superweapon, commanded by Darth Karrid. Theron would work alongside Gnost-Dural and Jace Malcom who revealed himself to be Theron’s father. The two agreed to talk more later and ended up parting on good terms. Theron would later confront his mother about why she never revealed his father’s identity to him.

Theron and Gnost-Dural went to the planet Ziost to retrieve a black cipher and then proceeded to infiltrate the Ascendant Spear on the Reaver Station. Theron was able to sabotage the Ascendant Spear, which allowed the Republic fleet to come in and destroy it which killed Karrid and he then earned a Cross of Glory.

Shortly after the Battle of Duro, Theron would go on to assist Rian Darok who was a colonel in the Republic Army, in planning a Korriban Incursion to retrieve data to hopefully turn the tide of the war in the Republic’s favor. Theron brought a prominent Republic figure and led and assisted them throughout the mission to Sith Academy. That team would help liberate the Jedi Temple from the Imperial defenses. Theron was awarded the Medal of Valor. Theron would keep his tabs on Darok however, as he suspected suspicious behavior and would keep in contact with his new ally about Darok’s actions.

Theron would follow Darok and eventually found out he was in league with the Sith Lord, Darth Arkous. When on Manaan, he met Arkous’ associate, Lana Beniko, who herself was investigating her master as well and revealed that Darok and Arkous were actually members of the Order of Revan. The order was a secret society in the Sith Empire that stuck to and taught the teachings of Revan, they balanced the light and dark sides and tried to reform the Empire from within. The cult was thought to be a minor one on Dromund Kaas, but now they were seeking to destroy the Sith empire and Republic to create and establish a new order.

Theron desired to track Darok but he was unable to do so and he lacked the evidence required to expose him. Theron would team up with the wookiee Jakarro, who was seeking revenge for imprisonment. They would search the Wookie’s contacts for Rakata artifacts.

“Has My ancient ancestor returned from the grave to kill us all?” – Theron Shan

Lana Beniko, Revan, and Theron Shan during the Revanite Crisis

While working with Beniko, the team uncovered more traitors within the Republic and Theron would slice into their communications to learn of a facility on Rakata Prime. When they arrived, they learned that the Order of Revan was led by Revan himself. Theron was captured and brought to Sky Ridge Island for interrogation but escaped and found his ally in a conference with a holo of Revan. Theron would reveal Revan’s plan; with the Imperial and Republic fleets rerouted to Rishi, the signal jammer that was built by the Nova Blades on the planet would commit sabotage while Revanite agents on both sides could commit sabotage so the Revanite fleet could wipe them all out. Revan, knowing his plans were exposed set the stronghold to self-destruct but Theron and his ally were saved by Lana, who was able to remotely cancel the self-destruct sequence.

Theron was able to upload information of the traitors and sent the data to the commander of each side. Theron’s mother, Satele, and the Empire’s leader Darth Marr. The two sides decided to create a temporary truce to deal with the Revan crisis. Theron and his allies fled to Yavin IV to deal with Revan who intended to resurrect the Sith Emperor Vitiate, and then destroy him.

After long fight, Revan was finally defeated but unfortunately, Vitiate was brought back to life. Theron was reinstated in the SIS with a promotion. He sent the Jedi of the sixth Line to investigate violence on Ziost, where they joined others under Emperor Vitiate’s thrall, causing Theron to once again work with Lana Beniko.

Later on, the galaxy was invaded by the Eternal Empire of Zakuul, which took the Republic and the Sith Empire by surprise and overwhelmed them. Angered by the policies being implemented by Chancellor Leontyne Saresh, Theron quit the SIS and the Zakuul-Republic treaty joined the Alliance formed by Lana that opposed the Zakuul emperor Arcann. Theron would participate in the raid on the ship the Gilded Star on Vandin and arranged for the mandalorians led by Mandalore the Avenger to assist the Alliance.

After the defeat of the son Arcann, his sister, Vaylin with the android SCORPIO, proclaimed herself Empress. Theron would fight behind the enemy lines that would let the Commander kill Vaylin. The Commander took the eternal Throne and then took over the Eternal Fleet, transforming the Alliance in the Eternal Alliance. Theron would become the Director of intelligence.

During the Crisis on Umbara, an Alliance traitor was being hunted. Intelligence suggested that the traitor was attempting to smuggle Adegan crystals from the shadow-world of Umbara. The traitor was eventually revealed as none other than Theron Shan himself.

Theron was frustrated with the Alliance as he felt they should have gotten rid of the Eternal Empire completely, not replace it. He tried to sabotage the hover train the Commander and Lana were on to destroy them and the crystals, however the two would survive. The Commander sent a galaxy-wide message to plead with Theron to turn from his treason. After the message, Theron was quickly contacted by a figure in a skull-mask who welcomed him into the Order of Zildrog.

Theron had betrayed the Alliance commander to infiltrate the order to destroy the threat it posed to the Eternal Alliance.

Theron Shan

The Order of Zildrog was a organization that emerged on Zakuul that planned to use a superweapon, Zildrog, to destroy the Eternal Alliance to get revenge for the fall and destruction of the Eternal Empire.

Theron met a Chiss named Valss and they set out on a mission to theChiss world of Copero in search of a star map with the location of the Emperor Vitiate’s superweapons, which the Chiss Ascendancy had stolen years earlier as a plan in the event where the alliance they had with the Empire had been a liability.

The order would be destroyed after Vinn Atrius died and the destruction of the superweapon on Nathema. Eventually Theron would request to rejoin the Alliance to the Commander.


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