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Character from the Holiday Special: Itchy

Where do I begin with this perv?

Yes, Itchy is best known as the wookie who likes to get his rocks off to holographic images of human females. There's only been countless jokes about it over the years and they'll continue to be more in the years to come. So let's skip past all this shall we?

In the EU, his BEST moment was in the Chewbacca comic series. It was my favorite issue I believe because Itchy tells Han a story on how his son did many brave actions in the years prior to meeting Solo. The way he talks about his son makes him seem supernatural, legendary in fact. Yet when Han comes to him with news of his son's death, Itchy can't fathom a moon being a challenge to his son.

I think any parent can relate to what Itchy was going through in that moment. We're proud of our kids. We constantly talk about how much better they are at things then we were. We want others to marvel at their achievements just as we do. We want the very best for them and because of that we hold them on a pedestal so high that it sometimes transcends reality as we know it.

When I think of Itchy, I don't think of an old man, watching Skinamax on a VR in his room. I think of a Wookie in his twilight years, contemplating the death of a son who grew up to be his father's hero.

That in itself, makes Itchy one of the best characters to come out of the Holiday Special.

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Jefferson R. Weekley
Jefferson R. Weekley
09 de dez. de 2021

As a dad, this really touched me.

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