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Characters from the Holiday Special: The many faces of Harvey Korman

Harvey Korman was an actor who was popular in the late 70's for being a regular on the Carol Burnett show...which is why they brought him in to make this nightmare of a film fun.

I think he failed miserably but let's first look at some of the characters he gave us in the show!


Possibly his most popular character in the special. Who doesn't quote "Stir, whip, stir, whip! Whip, whip, stir!" when thinking of this show? Heck, it was loved so much that did a short recipe post from Gormaanda once as a nod to Korman's performance!

Next up was his portrayal of Drumboid, the instructional computer program designed to help Lumpy put together his home computer.

The face in this picture is exactly the one that matches yours when watching this segment. It's bad....really bad. And not one second of humor as it stretches on for like feels like an eternity.

I can see everyone on set watching this scene being filmed and saying "KARK ME! This sucks worse this cleaning the back end of a Hutt after he's eaten a dead Jawa!"

Korman's final person to play was Krelman. The bar patron who has the hots for Ackmena and pours drinks into the top of his head.

No idea if this was supposed to be funny, but it was really weird.

I mean, what happens if this dude is walking outside when it rains? Or snows? Or in a sand storm on Tattooine?? I guess he wear a hat wherever he goes?

And does food go in to his blender-head too? So many questions for a dumb character we never get to see again.

In "Allies" it's not mentioned whether Ackmena went out with or dated him after the Special. But I like to think she let him down easy when she told Krelman about the twig between his berries.

Sorry to be crass so close to the holidays but as I said "Tis the season"

Interviews on the Holiday Special say that Korman was in bright spirits the whole time during shooting. He entertained the cast with his humor as well. Too bad that humor never translated to the screen in that all 3 of his characters work more as an annoyance than anything else.

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1 Comment

Angel Santiago
Angel Santiago
Dec 22, 2021

LOL! True, that is why i love the fan edits.

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