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Collecting the Galaxy: PDT-8

The Personnel Deployment Transport is as useless a toy as it sounds. This was another mini-rig I owned growing up and it was probably the worst toy to play with.

For starters, the engines on both sides didn’t line up for some reason. Making it appear the vehicle couldn’t move in a straight level but on top of that is why? What was the purpose for this thing? And why bother putting small guns on a transport ship?

Oh wait….it’s called “Star Wars”, I guess they had to put something on it resembling what you’d use in a war right?

But it only held two passengers? Doesn’t appear to be a very productive creation for either side of the war if you ask me. Interesting enough, Kenner originally conceived this as a vehicle which would transport droids but they later scrapped the idea to make it my versatile.

Because Han Solo wouldn’t be caught dead in a transport for droids am I right? Oh nope, there he is on the cover of the box, riding along with R2. Guess he thinks its cool...or he could be re-thinking his life, who knows?



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