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Droids (1985-1986) now available on Disney+

The classic Droids animated series, which ran from 1985 to 1986, is now available for viewing on the Disney+ streaming service. Sadly, this has been underreported by Lucasfilm and many fan sites. So spread the word, and enjoy this loveable -- and continuity-rich -- series from the early years of the Expanded Universe!

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Some good news for old-school EU fans: Star Wars Droids is now up on Disney+.
I don't know why this hasn't been properly promoted. There's not a single official announcement (not even Kristen Baver mentioned it on her show, and she spoke at length about the forthcoming Visions). And I barely see it registering on fan sites. It's as if LFL is determined to bury everything that came out before 2014 that isn't the films. It's really sad on their part to see them disavowing this older material.
If you have Disney+, show them that "we care" about the EU and older series, watch it, talk about it (and remember that The Great Heep takes place between episodes 9 and 10)!

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