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  • Jason Dietzel

Force Organizations: The Fallanassi

The Fallanassi is a mostly all-female Force organization devoted to the Force, or the White Current as they call it. Very few men were trained in their teachings, which heavily focused on mastering the White Current in order to accomplish feats of illusion. They were able to create amazing Force illusions, including a unique power known as Force cloak: the ability to entangle oneself, or another, into the White Current so that it would render that object undetectable.

They were able to conquer this rare ability so thoroughly it could be considered a form of invisibility. But, like invisibility or cloaking, the object being affected would give off a shimmer if it moved, suggesting they were manipulating light to pass around them or through them to achieve this “natural” form of invisibility. Regardless, this skill was very rare to Force users outside of the Fallanassi.

What the Fallanassi excelled in the art of illusion, they lacked in manipulation of the physical. They had very poor telekinesis powers in the White Current, so therefore their strength and philosophy centered on the mind and the illusions it allowed to direct it. As a result, the Fallanassi disregarded authority, seeing it as a form of illusion that they have been enlightened to look beyond. As a result, they put more emphasis on serving their own desires.

However, that did not mean they did not recognize the lethality of authority. It is not known when they founded their organization, but had enjoyed peace for centuries leading up to the Clone War and the subsequent rise of the Galactic Empire. The Fallanassi called the Outer Rim planet Lucazec their home for centuries. Lucazec was a minor world along the Salin Cooridor, with Vjun being a coreward neighbor along the trading route, and Rhen Var further rimward. The Gordian Reach was also nearby, known for housing the Yavin system.

The Fallanassi were forced to leave Lucazec, after refusing to accept fealty to Emperor Palpatine’s new empire. The adepts of the White Current felt it best to leave before stormtroopers arrived and subdued them along with the rest of the planet. They traveled to the Core World planet of J’t’p’tan, a lush temperate planet located in the Koornacht Cluster along the Metellos Trade Route, which connected Core Worlds at the edge of known space with Coruscant.



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