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Forgotten Class: Havet Storm

This character is unknown to even most hardcore EU fans I believe but his tragic tale during the first year of the Jedi Academy is worthy to note.

Mainly appearing in two rpg adventures released only in Great Britain not much is known about Havet outside of what you can glean from those adventures. But it was the keen insight by Abel G Pena which gave him the backstory of being in Luke's first class at the academy.

Not only that but Pena also made a wonderful connection to the Jedi Knight game by revealing the Jedi Desann murdered at the academy was none other than Havet himself!

Standing up to the bully Desann fit Havet's description and traits set forth in previously established material. Abel quickly saw how to make an interesting connection to it all in his online supplemental material for Wizards of the Coast and did so.

Again, this was something I would only recently (within the past year) learn of myself. It never ceases to amaze me that after all these years of following the Expanded Universe in every way I know how, that I'm still amazed by the multitude of connections that were made in (what some would consider) the most irrelevant material.

You can still discover the online supplemental material through the wayback machine and conducting various searches on Wookiepedia.



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