• Jason Dietzel

Galaxy Tour: Outer Rim: Bri'ahl Sector

By Jason Dietzel

Bri’ahl System (I-17)

· Star/Sun: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Bri’ahl

A forested planet native to the humanoid species Bri’ahls, the similarly named planet remained neutral throughout most of its history. Senator Amidala was able to convince the head of state of the planet, with the help of C-3PO and R2-D2, to join the Galactic Republic during the waning days of the Clone Wars. It is assumed the planet retained its membership when the Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire.

Kalzeron System (I-17)

· Star/Sun: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Kalzeron

Little is known about the planet, other than supporting a feudal civilization of a near-human species known as Kalzerians. Known for their ghoulish qualities - gray, leather-like skin, black teeth and yellow eyes – the Kalzerians were subjugated by the Empire.

Malor-77 System (I-17)

· Star/Sun: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Lanteeb

Colonized by xenophobic humans about four centuries before the Clone Wars, Lanteeb was a member of the Galactic Republic, but did not have a representative in the Senate due to their extreme anti-alien laws. The planet became wealthy exporting their mined ore damotite, but when a competing ore became more popular, Lanteeb switched sides in the Clone Wars and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


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