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  • Jason Dietzel

Galaxy Tour: Outer Rim: Saijo Sector

Anto’s Star System (K-20)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits: unknown

Little is known about this remote system, including its naming convention and any orbits.

Cantros System (J-20)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Cantros 7

A temperate world, Cantros 7 was the homeworld of the Cantrosians, a sentient felinoid species similar to the Cathar. During the Galactic Civil War, most Cantrosians joined the Rebel Alliance.

Drup’s Star System (J-20)

· Sun/Star:

o Drup’s Star

o Drup’s Companion

· Orbits:

o Drup I

o Drup II (five moons/satellites)

o Drup III (two moons/satellites)

o Drup asteroid belt

All three planets in this binary system have not been inhabited, Drup I due to it being a barren world, seared by its close proximity to the system’s suns, Drup II because it is a gas giant, and Drup III because it is a volcanic world. The only inhabited part of the system was an asteroid known as “Woern’s Asteroid,” a pirate base that utilized the sensor disturbance from minerals in the asteroid belt.

Faldos System (K-20)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Faldos

Faldos was a backwater system at the very edge of the known galaxy and was a smuggler’s haven to sell stolen goods to perspective buyers or black-market auctioneers. However, its remote location did not shield from the Nagai invasions around the year 4 ABY.

Relkass System (K-20)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Relkass (one moon/satellite)

A terrestrial world with rich grasslands near the equator, Relkass had a small population of ranchers and farmers. However, the planet’s denizens faced seasonal battles with wildlife that would awaken from hibernation and digest a narcotic planet, causing them to go into a bloodlust frenzy.

Saijo System (K-20)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Saijo

The most populated and significant planet in the sector, Saijo became a primary battleground between the Nagai and Tof in their war. A lush, temperate world, Saijo initially allied with the Rebel Alliance until the Nagai-Tof War, when the Tof retained control of the planet. However, by 130 ABY, the Nagai controlled Saijo under the directive of Darth Krayt’s Sith Empire.



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