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  • Dylan Kling

Hasbro Fan Poll Results likely to be Announced May 4th

Today we have some news from Hasbro Pulse that they have announced a Star Wars livestream on their youtube on the 4th of May at 11 am EST. They will be announcing some "epic news, reveals, and pre-orders"

Although not explicitly stated I believe that this is when they are most likely to announce the results of the #starwarsvotefromthevault fan poll that I have been covering for the past couple weeks. While it is possible we may get an announcement on this prior to the livestream, as none of the promotional material for it specifically names the fan poll, I just don't see a reason as to why they would announce such news before a big livestream of other big announcements.

So for the moment, it looks like we'll have to wait another week for the results. I'll keep you updated if something comes out before this, or if the announcement comes out on the 4th.

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