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Matt Chat: "Fake" Fans



Jul 14, 2021

I don't think there's any "fake" EU fans, however, I do think there's a huge problem with EU casuals, people who only read a handful of books or don't reread it, so they're all too happy with, say, Disney or Filoni reinterpreting EU through the selfish lens of the story they want to tell at the expense of canon.

And let me add given what a world event Star Wars is, gatekeeping fans is silly, since by definition, anyone can be a fan. However, there is a vast difference between fandom and nerd culture, and nerd culture NEEDS more gatekeeping. Fans can range anywhere from casual, to semi-hardcore, to hardcore, but nerds and geeks will always be the most savvy…


Magneno Alex
Magneno Alex
Jul 12, 2021

Drinking Tea on your porch, Talking EU, and playing Board games. That sounds like a good day. Alright booking my flight ;).

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