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Seth Saunder Reporting the Elite 8!

It’s the Elite Eight showdown, gentlebeings, and what a showdown it was!

Karen Traviss puts up an admirable final fight against the absolute Gorog (the big critter, not the Killik nest) that is Timothy Zahn. Over forty percent of voters in this tournament seem to feel that Traviss’s contributions in Republic Commando and Legacy of the Force put her in higher esteem than even Thrawn’s daddy. A surprise, to be sure (for this scribe, at least), but Zahn still ultimately pulls out the win, taking his rightful place in the Final Four.

Another impressive last stand in the tournament was made by Kevin J. Anderson fans against Corran Horn…I mean Michael A. Stackpole. Only a four-percent swing between these two EU giants rules in favor of Stackpole advancing. This scribe has nothing but respect for both authors, but, though I ruled with the majority in the ultimate result, these matchups are legitimately starting to cause me physical discomfort.

An impressive win for Troy Denning closes out our next matchup, garnering over two-thirds of the vote. This is all the more respectable, as he was going up against the man who helped solidify the Old Republic era as a fan favorite in Drew Karpyhsyn. This was one matchup where this scribe voted against the majority, but I have no problem in seeing Denning advance. Well fought, Mr. Karpyshyn, and please return with a Darth Zannah novel when the EU gets the green light to continue!

Once again, this scribe voted against the majority in Aaron Allston’s victory over James Luceno, but I’m as delighted as anyone to see Allston’s legacy still holding strong. I’ve personally not disliked a novel from either of these gentlebeings (even Millennium Falcon was a fun family adventure, I thought), and I’ll probably reread each of them. Thank you for some truly fantastic entries, Mr. Luceno, and maybe you can return for a Darth Gravid novel?

Phew, we’re down to the four best EU authors, as voted by the fans! Who will reign supreme? The Zahn Consortium? The I, Stackpoles? Will we have a Dennening, or will the All-Star Allstons have their day? Cast your votes and decide!

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