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  • Seth Saunders

Seth Saunders Reporting (The Final Four)

This is intense! So wizard! I’ll try spinning! …You get it. It’s the Final Four!

First up, it’s Timothy Zahn v Michael Stackpole. Can a ragtag band of X-Wing fighters in a scrappy rebellion topple the greatest tactical mind of the Empire? Turns out…yes. In a shocking upset, Stackpole fans have carried him to another win over arguably he most well-known EU author of all time! What can I say except more relevant Star Wars quotes? “You were my brother, Zahn!” “Lock S-foils in attack position!” “If Master Obi-Wan caught me doing this, he’d be very grumpy.”

And, closing the semifinals, we have Troy Denning facing off against Aaron Allston, two titans of the Legacy era. In another surprise to this scribe, Allston takes the win, proving to the world that Hawaiian shirts always present an aura of greatness! And maybe that expertly tackling the downer entries comes at the price of crowd favor.

As Zahn and Denning bow out with their heads held high, however, we head into the final matchup; the ultimate dogfight between X-Wing authors! Will the fans help Stackpole sound the Horn of ultimate victory, or can the Wraith-heads rally? Cast your votes and decide how Cresh Craziness concludes! May the Force be with us all!



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