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Star Wars Legends comics coming to France

An August 14th Panini Comics' French Twitter account tweeted the following

Panini is an Italian comic book publisher founded in 1994, that primarily reprints translated Marvel comics in non English speaking countries across Europe and South America.

In the thread they would go on to elaborate with the following Tweets. Unfortunately our resident French speaker is on vacation so these were translated with Google Translate. If you speak French and notice any errors please let us know so we may correct them.

The backbone of our Legends publications will be the STAR WARS EPIC COLLECTION: flexible volumes, of about 450 pages at 25 €, which will offer you all the Legends comics in a chaptered chronology.
Thus, we will look at different clearly identified periods such as the Clone Wars, the Empire or the New Republic (with several volumes) to allow you to easily find yourself in this temporal freeze.
We will also offer you collector's editions of these EPIC volumes, in cardboard covers and at 30 €.
In parallel, we will offer you other formats, such as the Marvel comics of the years 1977-86 which will join the other Integrals of the House of Ideas.
See you on August 24th for the detailed planning of the first months and the opening of pre-orders

This is certainly exciting news for any Legends fans in France and a huge turn around from 3 years ago when the various French publishers lost the rights to reprint translated Legends stories. If you are a Legends fan in France then I encourage you to follow Panini and check back on the 24th to see what is coming out and when.


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1 Comment

Aug 22, 2021

Oh man, this gives me hope of Panini Comics Brazil also publishing the EU here, they already published the Thrawn Trillogy, so i can only hope for the rest.

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