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Star Wars Vintage Collection

In an odd choice of words the Ewoks movies, 2003 Clone Wars, Droids and Ewoks cartoons are no longer considered "Legends" now.

According to they are now considered to be part of what they call the "Vintage Collection" Does this mean they're now part of the New Canon of something entirely different? T-Canon?!

Did Lucasfilm add yet another level to the question of "What is Canon?" by making this statement or do they consider this to be part of its own universe? I doubt we'd ever get a straight answer on what all this means but I'm interested to know why the "Legends" name has been dropped from these TV shows streaming currently on Disney+

If it does end up becoming part of the New Canon, I hope Wicket, Kneeneesa, Tebo and Latara kick the ever loving snot out of those creept looking porgs!



Aug 02, 2021

I think it is osme sort of S-Canon.


Angel Santiago
Angel Santiago
Jun 18, 2021

I say, canon is what we each individually accept as fans. No company can dictate what is or isn't canon, all they can do is put out content in the hopes they do justice to the property and its lore, and that the content is accepted enough by a majority and buy it.

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