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The TRUE Fool's

Today is April Fool's Day and who better to celebrate than the entire creative team at Lucasfilm.

For the past decade they've done everything possible to kill what was once a beloved franchise to many, into something completely unrecognizable today.

Folks leave comments on my channel all the time from my early "Defending the EU" videos saying "Matt called it! Star Wars is DEAD!"

Thanks. But to be honest, it didn't take a rocket scientist to see the direction the company was going in at the time.

However, seeing what it's become today HAS been an entire shock to me. Some of the decisions made at the top make zero sense. Even Southpark nailed it with their episode from last year when they poked fun at Kathleen Kennedy and Disney in general for constantly pandering to an audience which is far removed from their core fans.

Is Kennedy doing this on purpose? Oh course not. But she can't seem to find her footing among the fandom, which has largely abandoned her now and moved on to other interest.

It's said to see such an ageless franchise come so low in only a decade. Let me be clear, I DON'T want Star Wars to die off in the minds of the public, but it's already too late for that. The younger generation cares less and less about the product. Most of the kids at my nephew's highschool can't even remember they last Star Wars movie they saw. And though they know some of the names of recent TV Shows, they've not watched a single one.

Lucasfilm is losing their future audience and if they continue to make self destructive decisions it'll only get worse.

Here's to hoping the fools at Lucasfilm have nothing to celebrate about today and return the franchise back to it's glory days once again.

In the meantime, I'm finally going to watch the sequel trilogy this weekend.

Oh wait.....April Fools.



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