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Touring the Galaxy: Aida Sector

Aida System (Q-13)

·        Sun/Star: unnamed

·        Orbits:

o   Aida

A mineral-rich desert world, Aida was a remote world sparsely populated as an Imperial mining colony during the Galactic Civil War.


Lomabu System (Q-13)

·        Sun/Star: unnamed

·        Orbits:

o   five unnamed planets (presumably Lomabu I, II, IV-VI)

o   Lomabu III

§  one unnamed moon/satellite

Originally the homeworld of the Lomabuan species, Lomabu III was primarily an oceanic world landscaped with long, narrow island archipelagos. During the Galactic Civil War, the planet was subjugated as a penal colony by the Galactic Empire and the native Lomabuans were depopulated into extinction by 3 ABY.


Makeb System (Q-13)

·        Sun/Star: Makeb’s Sun

·        Orbits:

o   Makeb

A tranquil oceanic world, Makeb’s unique gravitational anomalies allowed for massive mesas and plateaus to extend out of the ocean and into the upper levels of the atmosphere. These geographical developments were large enough to build large cities and ports on the fervent tops.


Located in a remote part of the sector, Makeb was not discovered until the onset of the Mandalorian Wars in 3,976 BBY. The planet was originally settled by marooned Republic refugees fleeing the war. Makeb entered the galactic community less than a century later, having built a successful civilization that remained independent for centuries.


In 3,638 BBY, during the Galactic War, the Hutt Cartel invaded the planet to lay stake in its mineral deposits. Unbeknownst to other galactic governments, the Sith Empire had secretly been experimenting on the planet’s core, causing devastating geological phenomenon that rendered the planet inhospitable.


Almost a decade later, the Sith were driven from the planet by the Eternal Alliance, leaving the world isolated once more so that nature could once again rebalance the planet’s core.



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