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Hasbro Republic Trooper fan poll winner pre orders sell out in less than an hour!

[This article is part of a series of articles about the Hasbro#StarWarsVoteFromTheVault fanpoll. Click here for the previous article in the series]

Today at 1 pm EST the Republic Trooper from the Old Republic went on pre order at Hasbro Pulse. This was the winner of the most recent Hasbro #StarWarsVoteFromTheVault fanpoll. As of 2:40 pm the listing now shows to email when available, indicating that the pre order is out of stock.

I don't know when exactly it went out of stock as it was available at about 1:30 and when I checked again it was 2:40 and was no longer available. It seems to have lasted somewhere between 30-100 minutes. Additionally while they claimed that it will be available at Shop Disney I haven't been able to find it on that site.

So at the moment it looks like if you didn't get your pre order in you will have to wait for IF it comes back in stock, or buy it on the secondary market. If any of you can find it at Shop Disney, please let us know. Until then I'll try to keep you updated in if it comes back or becomes available elsewhere.

UPDATE: I have a report of at least one person that had it disappear out of their cart while they were checking out. This came from a post that was made at 2:01PM EST meaning it likely happened just before 2PM. So it is likely that the pre orders were available for less than an hour.


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