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  • Dylan Kling

Hasbro Vote Poll Watch Day 7

First off apologies for the charts being mixed up yesterday, they should be updated now and we will work to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

So, for those that don’t know, Hasbro has brought back the Fan Poll for a new figure and there are two EU figures in the mix. I have taken it upon myself to keep track of the vote totals, as they are only through comments and hashtags, and am giving a day by day update and analysis on how the poll is going. I’ll start with a brief recap of day 6 as a refresher and so you can also compare the numbers before getting to yesterday’s action.

Day 6

Day 6 saw the first jump in vote share for the EU figures since I started keeping track. Weequay not only failed to pass Ahsoka for second day now but also failed to gain any vote share for the first time since I started keeping track. Voting was a bit down overall from the previous two days, but it seems that Ashoka voters noticed that they were being out voted and rallied to stay ahead. I still think that they will be passed by Weequay eventually, but they’ve proved me wrong twice now so who knows.

Day 7

Day 7 saw the first change in the standings since I started keeping track, with the Weequay finally securing the third spot but by a very close margin. It did so while gaining a 0.23% increase in vote share, and closed the gap with Starkiller by 0.44%. Everyone (except Ahsoka) lost some vote share, however unlike day 6 only the Republic Trooper got more than double the new votes of the Weequay, with Starkiller only receiving 27% more votes than the Weequay. Republic Trooper and Starkiller had the highest new vote totals still.

Despite losing vote share this was a strong performance for Starkiller and the Republic Trooper as, if the others are going to catch up they need to be taking 1.5-3% of the vote share per day with how much time is left. Basically, every day Weequay or Ahsoka doesn’t out vote either of the EU figures gets us one step closer to victory.


This time everyone’s projection line took a sharp dip, however this was also due to today having the lowest total of new votes since I started keeping track. With 347 new votes today when the next lowest was day 3’s 407 new votes and every day since then gaining over 600 total votes. Weequay and Ahsoka did close the gap in these projections a bit but it is very marginal and after today we will have passed the halfway point in the poll. Weequay made a big push today that was offset by those of you still voting.

Still low voting totals are scary as another low turnout while one of the others rally would put a serious dent in the lead the EU figures have. As long as we keep it up, and vote every day we should have a clean 1 2 finish for our EU characters.

You can vote at either of the following links but only once per day per account

Just comment


If you have already been voting for Republic Trooper already then I encourage you to keep doing so as your votes are what is keeping them in the lead, however if you haven’t been voting I’d suggest voting for Starkiller as even though he isn’t likely to win there is a chance he could be passed for second place and having both EU characters as the highest vote winners would go a long way in ensuring we get more EU figures. I’ll be back tomorrow with the results and breakdown for Day 8 to see where we stand at the halfway point.

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